Hi! My name is Melanie Coulter. My husband Aaron and I have 3 amazing kids ages 16, 17 and 18.


I am an educational assistant by day and a wife, mom and support system by night.

I have worked with children with many different abilities for over 20 years.  Most of my learning and experience came 16 years ago when we adopted our 3rd child.

Autism was suspected and then diagnosed when Gracie (G.G.) was 3 years old. We didn’t know if she would walk or talk and now, she doesn’t stop moving or talking!!

Over the years G.G. has been diagnosed not only with autism, but ADHD-C, Intellectual Disability, Alcohol Related Neurological Disorder, Anxiety and Attachment Issues. Needless to say, I have researched, read and experienced so much over the years that I want to share everything I know with anyone who is in need of support!

So please, head on over to my blog posts where you will find resources, strategies, inspiration and the knowledge that you are not alone!

With Love & Happiness,

Melanie Coulter